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2010 Middle East Building Materials Exhibition / Exhibition Building Door & Window Hardware / Glass [2010-10-29]

November 22, 2010 to November 25, 2010
Organizer: DMG World Media Dubai Ltd
Exhibition Address: Dubai World Trade Centre
Exhibition Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre

Five industries show Big5/2010 2010 Middle East Middle East Building Materials Exhibition / Dubai / Big5 / Hardware Show doors and windows / glass / sanitary ceramic / stone


Five Middle East 2010 trade show (BIG 5)

Show Time: 2010 November 22 - 25

Venue: Dubai World Trade Centre

Organizing Committee: DMG World Media Dubai Ltd

Exhibition period: One year term


Refrigeration, HVAC, electricity, water, fire and security, communications equipment, kitchen, bathroom,

Wooden doors and wood products, metal, glass, aluminum panels, paints and coatings, windows and doors, pumps,

Swimming pool equipment and facilities, with construction set, infrastructure, green building materials,

Marble and ceramic areas, stone zone, mixed-use zones


Five Middle East trade show (BIG 5) is the Middle East's largest construction, building materials and related services exhibition, was initiated in 1980, the annual session. 2009 show a total of 3,143 exhibitors (2,883 exhibitors in 2008), from 71 countries around the world and the region (2008 has attracted exhibitors from 53 countries), including 28 national pavilions, net exhibition area 45,198 square meters (net area of 38,000 square meters in 2008.) Among them, the number more than 400 Chinese exhibitors.

Continue to follow the show in 2009 for the 2008 activities of the new Gaia Awards, building and construction industry forums, Green Building Products & Services Forum, the first time buyers to focus on specialized programs, on-site booth set up to use environmentally friendly profile . Outstanding exhibitors, high-quality professional visitors, the exhibition in 2009 in terms of scale or effects, are beyond the previous.

Market Background:

As more and more multinational companies stationed in the UAE, local business offices and hotels have continued to increase, on aluminum, steel, cement, steel, marble, bathroom and other increasingly huge demand for building materials. Gulf 4600 population from 1970 million to 100 million in 1990. Is expected to reach 170 million in 2010, belongs to the world one of the fastest growing population. High per capita income, purchasing power and increasingly sophisticated Gulf markets from local residents continued growth in demand for housing. Gulf about 60% of the population under 25 years old, indicating that the next 10 years, they need about a few million copies of the housing; in Saudi Arabia, the annual demand of 15.8 million units of housing. As the rapid development of the UAE tourism industry, the entire infrastructure is in full construction period, led the construction industry in the UAE's rapid development. Currently, about 100 million U.S. dollars investment in leisure projects are under construction. In the past four years, the number of hotels in Dubai doubled. In the next five years, Dubai is expected to build more than 100 luxury hotels. The number of hotel rooms by 2010 to reach 60,000, while the tourists a year will be close to 1.5 billion. According to statistics, the six Gulf countries in recent years in spending on the construction industry over 200 billion U.S. dollars; only the next 7 years UAE real estate investment will be over 63 billion U.S. dollars.

Chinese exhibitors new requirements:

BIG5 the 2010 exhibition, the organizing committee of the Chinese exhibitors made new demands: a change in the Chinese exhibitors will gather together in a specific area of previous exhibition, but rather determined by product Exhibitor's booth location in China (by the specific product above ); Organizing Committee of the Chinese exhibitors out of the whole exhibition area is also under control. In addition, the committee limited to only four Chinese agents have the right breeze, the agent does not allow further development of the following secondary agent, and the intention of an agent to contact companies directly to determine participation matters. Si Nuobo the organizing committee selected one of four Chinese agents.

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