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As charging system AC R134a [2011-04-21]

 R134a Compressor used to supply air conditioning. Over time, most air conditioning systems lose your coolant, and finally they need a refill. Fortunately, you can turn on a load of spare parts, and complete the work itself, because the federal regulations, all air conditioners, a 13 mm quick connect low voltage of the side door to load your car.

Run the hose to the bottle of R134a service, and close the valve on the service pipe to the bottle to crack. Open the outlet valve slightly on Air Force service and close the valve.

Locate the low pressure valve in the hose connecting the tank and compressor. There are two tubes going to your compressor. The pipeline goes into service only 13 mm quick release valve.

Remove the black plug valve 13 mm, and connect the service pipe to the valve.

A turn in the car and the air conditioning at full blast.

Open the cylinder valve to start the transmission from the bottle of R134a to the compressor.

Watch the pressure gauge on the service pipe. Close the cylinder valve when the meter reading "25 PSI" and "PSI 50."

A turn in the car and removing the service pipe. Install the black cap on the service pipe.