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Common Cause Of Refrigeration Compressor Pressure Valve Failure [2011-08-30]

Pressure valve failure causes: agricultural machinery, hydraulic systems, the pressure valve is used more often in a class of components, the pressure valve sudden failure will directly affect the normal operation of machinery and equipment, the paper points the pressure valve failure causes.

(1) hydraulic valve spool and the continuous generation of wear and tear in use, making the part size, shape and surface quality changes.

(2) the balance of the hydraulic valve springs, valve and seat, long-term changes in work load, fatigue and cracks, resulting in spring, break or peel off the valve seat sealing surface, damage.

(3) hydraulic valve components during processing and use of residual residual stress in the process of external load stress, the material yield strength than parts, parts deformation.

(4) hydraulic oil mixed with water or too much acid, using a longer time, corrosion of the hydraulic valve parts to lose their accuracy.

(5) solution suite spool and valve radial force imbalance, the final pressure to the spool valve comprising a wall clamping phenomenon occurs.

(6) in the manufacture or repair of hydraulic valves, did not meet the technical requirements; or parts to improper care, rust, mixed with dirt and so on.
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