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Common fault - lack of compressor displacement [2011-09-26]

Displacement DC Compressor is the lack of one of the most prone to failure, which occurs mainly by the following several reasons:
1, inlet filter failure: fouling, clogging, reducing the displacement; suction pipe is too long, diameter is too small, resulting in increased inspiratory resistance affects gas, to clean the filter regularly.
2, the compressor speed to reduce the displacement reduction: improper use of air compressors, air compressor displacement is due to a certain altitude,Design suction temperature and humidity, when it exceeds the standard used in the highlands, the suction pressure decreases, etc., necessary to reduce displacement.
3, cylinder, piston, piston ring wear serious, ultra-poor, so that the gap increases, the leakage increases, the impact on the displacement. Normal wear and tear, the need for timely replacement of wearing parts such as piston rings, etc. Are not properly installed, the gap was not suitable to stay, they should be given to correct the drawings, without drawings, the desirability of empirical data, between the piston and the cylinder along the circumference of the gap, such as cast iron piston, the gap is the diameter of the cylinder 0.06/100 - 0.09/100; for aluminum alloy pistons, air gap diameter diameter 0.12/100 - 0.18/100; steel piston aluminum piston is less desirable.
4, stuffing lax, resulting in gas leakage to reduce. The first reason is stuffing itself created when undesirable; followed may be due to the installation, the piston rod and stuffing in the center of the well, resulting in wear and tear, strain, etc., causing leakage; generally filled with oil in the stuffing box office , it can play a lubrication, sealing, cooling effect.
5, compressor suction, exhaust valve failure on the displacement effect. Valve between the valve seat and fall into the metal fragments or other debris, resulting in lax off to form a leak. This not only affects the displacement, but also affect the inter-stage pressure and temperature changes; such problems may be due to one manufacturing quality problems, such as valves warp and the second is the valve seat and valve wear due to serious formation leakage.
6, the valve spring force that matches well with the gas force. Elastic is too strong to open the valve slowly, while too weak valve closed stretch is not timely, which not only affects the gas, but will affect the power increase, and the valve valves, springs of life. This will also affect the gas pressure and temperature changes.
7, compression valve improper compaction force. Clamping force is small, will have to leak, of course, not too tight line, the valve will cover deformation, damage, usually pressing force can be calculated: p = kπ / 4 D2P2, D is diameter of the valve chamber, P2 is the largest gas pressure, K is a value greater than 1, and generally 1.5 to 2.5, low-pressure K = 1.5 ~ 2.0, hypertension K = 1.5 ~ 2.5. so take K, in practice proved to be good. With the valve failure, valve cover must fever, while the pressure is not normal.
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