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Compare Hermetic Compressor [2012-04-18]


In terms of an air Hermetic Compressor, this refers to the flow rate of the air that is leaving the compressor at any given moment. If you're trying to decide between a few different air compressors, taking a closer look at the cubic feet per minute ratios of each unit can help make your decision a little easier. To accomplish this, you need to find out the "real" CFM rate of an air compressor using simple math.
1 Determine whether a vertical or horizontal compressor design is appropriate. Larger capacity compressors, are available in designs which feature either a horizontal or vertical air tank. Vertical compressors tend to be a better choice if the compressor will be frequently lifted, such as to load into the back of a truck. The vertical design allows two people to easily grab the ends of the tank to lift it. Horizontal designs are popular because they do not take up as much physical space as the vertical designs. Also, due to their space-saving design, horizontal compressors are excellent choices for stationary use.
2 Determine the amount of air pressure required for the tasks to be performed. Some types of air tools require greater pressure to operate properly than others. For example, blow guns require very little air pressure, as opposed to tools such as impact wrenches which must generate a large amount of torque. Therefore, when selecting an air Compressor Fridge, it is important to determine which types of tools will be used with the compressor. When in doubt, it is best to choose an air compressor that produces more air pressure due to the wide variety of tools that can be used with the greater power.
3 Select a compressor with an appropriate air tank capacity. A compressor tank's holding capacity is rated in gallons. The larger the capacity, the greater the duration of air the compressor can produce before its motor must refill the tank with air. Some tools, such as nail guns, do not require long periods of continuous air flow, and therefore do not require large air tanks. Tank capacities of approximately 6 gallons are suitable for such tools. Other tools, like paint guns, must be operated for long periods of time. Therefore, an air tank capable of holding at least 30 gallons of air should be considered.
4 Choose an air compressor with a motor capable of producing an appropriate amount of horsepower. Once the majority of the air within the air tank is depleted, the compressor's motor must fill the tank with air again. The higher the horsepower, the faster the tank will fill. Unless the compressor will be used only for a few seconds at a time, choose an air compressor that has a high horsepower motor to avoid delays while the tank refills with air.
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