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DC Compressor [2012-06-14]

Working principle
DC motor works is the use of mechanical armature to change the flow of direct current in the rotor coil

Will change to (pole), thus equivalent to the rotor coil with alternating current, since there are changes in the number of alternating can also be called the frequency (of course, the waveform is a rectangular wave). The brushless DC motor is to remove the mechanical armature and the use of electronic circuit to change the current direction of the rotor coil or stator coil.
Stable operation: Mini DC compressor for a working chamber, the gas refrigerant inhalation, compression and exclusion is completed within two weeks of rotation of the eccentric axle, but due to the rolling piston and skateboard composed of left and right sides of the working chamber , suction, compression and exhaust process is carried out at the same time, for the entire compressor eccentric axle per revolution is still to complete an effective duty cycle can make a smooth operation.
Efficient: the miniature DC compressors, suction, compression and exhaust process is in both sides of the cavity of the skateboard at the same time, without the suction valve, does not require additional suction and exhaust muffler, to reduce the suction and discharge process in the flow resistance losses, indicates that the average efficiency of 30% -40% higher than the reciprocating piston compressor.
Brushless Motor Driver: Micro DC compressor by the brushless DC motor as prime mover, the brushless DC motor has a fast response, large starting torque from zero speed to rated speed with rated torque performance, easy to implement micro-compressor variable speed inverter control, and you can use the battery, vehicle power, civilian power grid, solar powered, and enhance the adaptability of the system.
Compact: the vulnerability of small, simple structure, small size, light weight, 1/3 less than the average reciprocating piston compressor parts, small size, 40% -50%, about half of the light weight.
Wide range of applications: micro DC compressors are widely used in micro, small refrigeration equipment. Outdoor portable refrigeration equipment, telecom base stations and refrigeration equipment.
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The compressor is the core component of a complete cooling system, its capabilities and characteristics determine the capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. Micro DC compressor with a small size, light weight, high power, low power, quiet, no vibration, variable frequency and ease of precise control, is specially tailored for the state-of-the-art refrigeration systems are also ideal for mobile or portable Small thermal management system of choice. Mini DC compressor can be used in air-conditioning, water-cooled equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigeration unit, its main range of applications including portable refrigeration systems, micro-refrigeration system, temperature control shipping container, electronics, refrigeration systems, medical imaging systems, Mini cooling water system for cooling and outdoor base stations and communication cabinets.