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Fridge Freezer Compressor Repair [2011-11-24]


Fridge Compressor are a special type of compressor used for refrigeration, heat pumping, and air conditioning. Those compressors are large mechanical units, designed to be the core of industrial and air conditioning systems. Small, portable compressors do not fit into this category.
Refrigeration compressors are designed to turn low-pressure gases into high-pressure and high-temperature gases. Additionally, technically speaking, they are also used to maintain a low boiling point. This is achieved by removing vapor from the evaporator. There are three main types of refrigeration compressors:screw compressor ,scroll compressor ,piston compressor.
1 Unplug the Fridge or turn off the breaker that powers it. Since you will have to get to the backside of the Fridge anyway, unplugging it is easier.
2 At the back of the Fridge, near the bottom, you will see a large cylindrical object. This is the compressor. On the right side -- in most cases -- you will see a box with wires coming out of it. Remove the cover over this box. The cover will be held in place by either screws or retaining clips.
3 Now you should see the relay, the overload protector and the terminals for the compressor motor. The relay can be removed simply by pulling it straight off of the Freezer Compressor .
4 Use needlenose pliers to pull the wire connector off the relay. Pull it off by gripping the connector, NOT the wire. Inspect both the connector and the relay for any signs of corrosion. If there are any, replace the corroded part.
5 On the compressor motor you will see three terminals. Set your multitester, available at any home improvement store, to read ohms, usually the RX1 or X1 setting, depending on the model.
6 Touch one of the tester's probes to one of the terminals and leave it there. Then, use the other probe to touch first one of the other terminals and then the last one. The tester should display a reading of "zero" ohms for each test.
7 Move the probe you held on the first terminal and hold it in place on the second terminal. Use the other probe to touch each of the other terminals. The tester should continue reading "zero" ohms with each test.
8 Hold the probe on the last terminal and touch the other two terminals individually with the other probe. Again, the readings should all be "zero" ohms. If the compressor motor fails any of these tests, it will need to be serviced by a professional Fridge repair person.
9 While you are testing the R600a Compressor motor, you might as well test the compressor for ground. Keep your multitester setting on ohms and touch one probe to the side of the metal box that houses the relay. With the other probe, touch each of the three terminals, one at a time. The tester should read "infinity" every time. If it doesn't, the compressor motor will need to be serviced by a professional.