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How refrigerator compressor to refuel? [2012-06-20]

How refrigerator compressor to refuel?

The low pressure suction side of the compressor housing of the first reciprocating compressor oiling: Reciprocating closed oiling can be compressor suction fittings direct inhalation.

Is as follows: to prepare the number of oil into the bottle, the election period of transparent hose, the period of the compressor suction pipe joints connected to the other end into the oil bottle bottom (exhaust connector open), start the presses the bottle oil absorption.

Second, the rotary compressor oiling: when high-pressure exhaust side, oiling rotary closed compressor housing by the press exhaust connector port directly into the can.

Third, the open-type compressor or semi-enclosed compressor has a dedicated oiling mouth, injected into the mouth from dedicated oiling can.