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Note replacement refrigeration compressor [2011-04-01]

1 after removal of the original damage to the DC Compressor the system must be blowing nitrogen pollution treatment before connecting a new compressor system

2 welding operations in order not to generate inner copper oxide film must pass into the nitrogen nitrogen leading to the time to be sufficient.

3 prohibits the replacement of the compressor or other parts of the compressor when the vacuum pump to drain a pipe in the air outside the machine otherwise it will burn the compressor you must use the vacuum to vacuum.

4 replacing the compressor when the compressor must be added to meet the amount of refrigeration oil

5 the dress must be checked before the compressor causing damage to the original reason for the replacement of bad parts. Because other components will be a direct result of damage to the compressor damage.

6 the replacement compressor filter drier must be replaced. Because the drying of the desiccant filter is saturated losing water treatment capabilities.

7 the original system must be frozen in clean oil because the new pump has been frozen into the oil produced in sufficient quantities different brands of frozen oil can not mix otherwise it will result in poor lubrication degenerate leading to the compressor cylinder yellow char

8 the replacement of the compressor system should pay attention to prevent excessive refrigerant oil otherwise it will cause the system to reduce the effect of heat transfer so that the system pressure is too high damage to the system and compressor

9 when the refrigerant filling too quickly or will cause fluid strike resulting in broken valve causing loss of pressure in the compressor ring

10 After installation to check the radiator is working properly if the system pressure above normal pressure (13-15kg) will lead slipping clutch bearings compressor coil is burned out or damaged.

11 to distinguish the type of refrigerant oil cooling not raise bad (to plant) refrigerants and lubricants. This will cause the compressor directly to the different degrees of damage while in fatal.

12 the refrigeration system is a combination of several components each component in the system plays its role not only can be said that mutual trust mutual support thereby maintaining the loop open. Compressor suction pressure is primarily responsible for promoting economic cycle refrigeration. If all the normal cooling system the more the pressure of the  Refrigerator Compressor foot the better the cooling effect.