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Refrigeration compressor [2011-04-07]

Refrigerator Compressor is the core and heart of the refrigeration system. Cited characteristics of the compressor capacity and determine the capabilities and characteristics of the refrigeration system. In a sense, the refrigeration system design and matching is reflected in the ability of the compressor. Therefore, all countries in the world in the refrigeration compressor refrigeration industry research has put a lot of energy, new research directions and research results continue to emerge. Compressor technology and performance levels with each passing day. Many different types of compressors, according to the different works, refrigeration compressors can be divided into fixed and variable displacement compressor displacement compressor.

Mechanical Overview

Refrigeration compressor is the core of energy-consuming refrigeration system components, improving the efficiency of refrigeration system is the most direct and effective means of improving the efficiency of the compressor, it will bring a significant reduction in energy consumption. At the same time that the system can only be taken to avoid measures (such as blindly increase the heat exchanger area) caused a significant increase in material consumption. As the world's growing energy shortage situation, more and more attention to energy conservation efforts in various countries, on the energy efficiency of products, higher and higher requirements.

Due to various losses such as friction, leakage, hazardous heat transfer, electrical losses, flow resistance, the presence of noise and vibration, the compressor work, the actual efficiency is much lower than the theoretical efficiency. Therefore, in theory, any losses can reduce any of the measures can improve the efficiency of the compressor. The objective fact that has led to research on a wide range of energy-saving compressor, the direction of wide variety of research topics and research results.

International research work on the compressor's energy focused on several aspects: The lubricating properties, parts of the compressor bearings to reduce friction and friction characteristics of power consumption and improve compressor efficiency; reduce the leakage losses in order to improve the efficiency of the compressor; use of frequency or variable capacity refrigeration system technology through the efforts of the best match with the user load to save energy, the content of this particular conversion technology is relatively mature and well known.

Valve research is an old topic, but also an eternal subject, improved valve design to improve the efficiency of the compressor is also endlessly rewarding ever. Research in this area very much, from the valve material, sports law, to apply optimization theory, testing methods, all-inclusive. In short, the research on energy saving compressor refrigeration industry has become a hot issue a priority.

Mechanical classification

Volume Compressor

Is changed by the working chamber volume to achieve the suction gas, compression, exhaust and other processes. There are examples of such compressors reciprocating compressors and rotary compressors. Speed ​​compressor is made by high-speed rotation of the T I1 "acting steam wheel, the pressure rise, and complete the task of conveying steam. Are of such compressors are centrifugal and axial compressors, centrifugal commonly used is compressor. It Comparison of the Pan, manufacturing technology is mature, simple structure, but also for processing materials and processing requirements of low lT Arts, relatively low cost, adaptability, able to adapt to a wide range of pressure and cooling capacity requirements, maintenance of strong .

Disadvantages: can not achieve high speed, large and heavy machinery is not easy to achieve light weight, the exhaust is not continuous, easy flow fluctuations, and the greater the vibration at work. As the crankshaft connecting rod compressor characteristics, very few small displacement compressor has been using this structure, the crankshaft connecting rod compressor used in passenger cars and trucks most of the large displacement air-conditioning system.

Screw refrigeration compressor

Screw compressor is a rotary positive displacement compressors. Oil-free screw compressors come out in the thirties of this century, mainly for compressed air. Later, the cylinder fuel injection screw compressor appears to improve performance, fuel injection type screw compressor refrigeration compressor is one of the main models. Screw compressor screw and single screw into two categories, known as the customary twin screw compressor screw compressor.

Variable displacement compressor

Variable displacement compressor to automatically adjust the temperature according to the set power output. Air-conditioning control system does not capture the evaporator outlet temperature signal m, but by air pressure changes within the signal line to control the compressor to automatically adjust the compression ratio m air temperature. In the entire process of refrigeration, the compressor is always working, totally dependent on cooling intensity conditioning installed in the compressor internal pressure regulating valve to control. When the air pressure inside the pipe end when the pressure is too high, the pressure regulating valve to shorten the compressor piston stroke to reduce the compression ratio, which would reduce the cooling intensity. When the high-side pressure drops to a certain extent, low-side pressure rises to a certain extent, the pressure regulating valve piston stroke is increased to improve the cooling intensity.

Fixed displacement compressor

Of the displacement fixed displacement compressor with the engine speed is increased in proportion to increase, and it can not automatically according to changes in the demand for cooling power output, and the impact on engine fuel consumption is relatively large. Through the acquisition of its general control of the evaporator outlet temperature signal to achieve, when the temperature reaches the set temperature, the compressor stops working; when the temperature rises, the compressor started making T II. Fixed displacement compressor air conditioning system is also affected by pressure control, when the line pressure is too high, the compressor stops working.