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Refrigeration Compressor [2011-04-12]

LIYANG produced by the world's smallest and lightest of the rotary compressor, refrigeration system tailored specifically for the tip. LIYANG controllable speed refrigeration compressors can be used 24V DC, with better use of R134a Compressor. Its mini size, light weight and superior durability, so LIYANG compressor types of mobile and portable qualified for the task, the main applications include: portable cooling system, micro refrigeration system, temperature control shipment container, electronic cooling system , medical imaging systems, micro-coolers, beverage cooling, mini-cooling water system.

LIYANG compressor work with a quiet and low power consumption characteristics. LIYANG closed piston compressors can be widely used in air conditioning, cooling equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment refrigeration unit. It has small size and light weight advantages, can be loaded into the mobile and portable devices, the use of batteries or vehicle power supply. Because energy consumption is very low, it is also applicable to small temperature applications such as cooling of electronic components. Compressor cooling device can be set to the standard temperature regulator, or with the use and electronic thermostats. Application of the above is only some examples of LIYANG compressor, and look forward to developing a wider area.