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Refrigeration Compressor mechanical principles [2011-08-12]

Refrigeration  DC Compressor in vapor compression refrigeration system, the refrigerant from the low-pressure promoted to high pressure, and to continue circulation of refrigerant, so that the system continues to heat emitted into the internal system temperature is higher than the environment. Refrigeration compressor is the heart of the refrigeration system, cooling system through the compressor input power, and thus the heat released into the environment from the low temperature environment. Determine the energy efficiency of refrigeration compressors refrigeration system energy efficiency. As the temperature is constantly changing, so the compressor part load most of the time out of state, so the  V series Compressor has the power to regulate.
Screw-type compressor is not required cylinder piston compressor, piston, piston rings, cylinder liners and other vulnerable parts, machine compact, small size, light weight, no clearance volume, when a small amount of liquid into the machine, without liquid shock hazard. Valve can be used live for 10% to 100% of the stepless energy adjustment for a wide range, smooth and reliable operation, maintenance cycle to be long, trouble-free running time of up to (2 ~ 5) × 104h. The use of lubricating oil to the cooling machine and sealing performance is improved using the exhaust temperature is lower, even lower evaporation temperature (-40 ℃) and high compression ratio (around 25), still single-stage operation, that is, within a certain range can replace the two-stage compression cycle. However, the screw refrigeration compressor machining and assembly requirements of high accuracy, not suitable for running in variable conditions, a larger noise, in general, is mounted muffler and sound insulation in the refrigeration compression, you need to spray add oil, and therefore need to pump, oil cooler and oil recovery, etc. more auxiliary equipment.
Unicom closed at the outside of a compressor shell Helmholtz resonator Helmholtz resonator that is, from the chamber through the neck hole is connected with the compressor housing into the internal cavity to reduce the compressor cavity excited acoustic mode amplitude. Resonance frequency of the resonator cavity modulation to the maximum practical compressor vibration mode excited, it will significantly reduce the resonance peak spectral response and lead to significant change. But it will affect the compressor in the refrigerator in the appearance and layout, its findings have not yet applied to products.
Trans-critical carbon dioxide as air-conditioning compressor system efficiency and reliability of the most influential parts, should be fully integrated cycle of the specific characteristics of supercritical carbon dioxide re-design. CO2 and ammonia, as the adiabatic index of the value of K higher at 1.30, which may cause the compressor discharge temperature is high, but because of CO2 required compressor pressure ratio is small, so no cooling of the compressor itself. Because of the adiabatic index is high, pressure ratio is small, the compressor can reduce the clearance volume re-expansion losses, compressor volumetric efficiency is higher. Through experimental and theoretical research, Jurgen SUB and Horst Kruse found that of reciprocating S series Compressors have a good sliding seal film, a CO2 system of choice. BOCK compressor its carbon dioxide exhaust valve has been improved, improved the exhaust of carbon dioxide compressor efficiency by 7%.
The remaining amount of lubricant and motor end windings can lead to the same type batch compressor sound level difference between the (deviation from the average sound level). External support by changing the shell to increase the torsional stiffness, and reduce the vibration surface; noise of the complexity of the requirements of researchers with a strong theoretical quality, require companies with good technology base, and the need for greater investment and longer time. This is China's one weak link in the compressor business, basically in the qualitative research phase of the experiment, along with the great randomness and chance.
Environmental protection requirements based on the application of the new refrigerants refrigeration compressor industry is a hot issue, with products for the refrigerator instead of R22 refrigerant end of the work, the new refrigerant compressor mainly focused on air-conditioning industry. In addition to the more mature R410A, R407C research, the biggest hot spot is the study of carbon dioxide compressor. As the system pressure of carbon dioxide pressure is far greater than the traditional critical circulatory system, the compressor shaft seal design is much higher than the original compressor, the Q series Compressor shaft seal leakage will continue for some time is the main obstruction in fact, use of .