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refrigeration compressors [2010-11-26]

A refrigerant is a key component of refrigeration work happens. A compressor is a small engine - which consists of a piston, crankshaft, connecting rod connects the piston and crankshaft. Since a car engine that generates a compression Refrigeration Compressor of time, how it works.

When the piston goes up and down in the cylinder, compressed, resulting in perforation of the compressor. This essentially forces a bit into the hole of the compressor in a smaller area using compressor technology. In a refrigerator, which exceed the coolant. A refrigerant is running with power, and compressors have a power of electrical motor components of the piston and the crankshaft, is used to compress the refrigerant.

Each refrigerant has a butt on top of the compressor. There are also valves in the cylinder of a compressor. A series of valves, known as the intake valve allows coolant into the cylinders and the other set of valves, exhaust valves to announce out under pressure, the refrigerant cylinder.

In a refrigerant, the values used valves. These valves are very thin and moves easily through the refrigerant pressure at the right time in the cycle. After the refrigerant under pressure, so it passes through the system, where it expands and cools. This expansion and cooling, because the laws of thermodynamics, which extends as a liquid into vapor, absorbs heat demand.

Refrigeration compressors often require a capacitor in the power system as well. This requirement exists because the compressor and condenser boost their start. A capacitor is like a small battery that stores an electrical charge and allows the compressor to use some of that cost when you start to help you begin to compress the refrigerant and do their work, the power system.

Some refrigerators have separate compressors for the refrigerator and freezer to the components. These should be a widespread belief that the efficiency, but the dual Refrigeration Compressor generally more expensive than using a compressor. In any case, the compressors do not always work, but temporarily turns on automatically when needed to ensure the temperature in the refrigerator.