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That would be a refrigeration compressor to overheat? [2011-04-18]

A compressor is a pump for the coolant. It allows the circulation of the refrigerant in the cycle of vapor pressure. Although heat is produced by compression, overheating can occur. Compressors, generally at temperatures of 200 degrees + walk, do not take into account this overheating.

Compressor Types

compression types are piston, screw, scroll and centrifugal. Piston Compressor produces compressed with a piston. Use two screw speeds, the application of coolant under pressure. It uses a centrifugal pump impeller. displacement type uses a scroll.


Engine-driven compressors can overheat due to a defective motor. bad coils and bearings may be involved in the production of heat. If these parties to create more resistance inside the motor to prevent overheating.

The most likely cause of overheating or inadequate ventilation of the space compressor is inadequate ventilation. Compressors need to dissipate heat. Refrigerators have a bar, to provide a space between the compressor and the wall. Dehumidifiers, keep the distance between the exhaust pipe and the wall facing a wall and harmful exhaust emissions for the compressor to cool.
Compression ratio
Compaction refers to the difference in pressure between the suction and discharge side of the compressor. Since heat is produced by compression, then a high compression ratio is more heat, which is usually the result of a lead under pressure.

A coolant system pressure too high. With too much pressure, the Piston Compressor has a hard time moving coolant. Therefore, the system can not cool its cooling function or its internal workings.