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The working principle of DC inverter compressor [2011-03-31]

DC Compressor air conditioner works to 50Hz frequency AC power into DC power, and sent to the main circuit of the power module, power module is also controlled by the microcomputer, the difference is the output of the module is a variable voltage DC power supply the compressor using a DC motor, so DC inverter air conditioner is also called the whole DC variable speed air conditioners. DC inverter air conditioner inverter is not part of, in this regard is more power than the AC frequency. DC-AC inverter air conditioner inverter air conditioner relative to come, in fact, its name is not correct, because there is no DC frequency, it is by changing the DC voltage to adjust the compressor speed, thereby changing the air-conditioning cooling capacity, using DC converter technology is far superior to FM technology, the DC variable speed is correct, it is called. It can only be said to be a DC variable speed air conditioning, not the strict sense of the inverter air conditioner. Its energy loss is smaller than the frequency speed. In addition, because this is a permanent magnet DC Compressor, and then save the three-phase AC induction motor's rotor current consumption. Therefore, it is from the mains power supply to the motor power factor than this section of the high frequency speed control mode, to save some energy.