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Thus, under Ultra Low Freezers [2010-12-03]

Thus, under Ultra Low Freezer Compressor are known for their durability and reliability of performance available. Widely available, offer these powerful features superior laboratory freezers give them an advantage over their competitors. Therefore made under Environmental Equipment Co., these freezers are designed to meet storage research of biological products and clinical applications.

Thus, under Ultra Low Freezers Service

This ultra-low freezing, with its advanced cooling system, you can count on, even if performance testing is one of the most demanding conditions. All models of ultra-low freezers are guaranteed for 12 months. The advantages of these advanced freezing units include reliability, ease of use, efficiency and low maintenance.

Quality construction

The quality of the construction of the cabinets is a very reliable option.

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The freezers have a 16 ga. outside (cold) inside steel and galvanized non-corrosive. This allows them to keep quiet for a long time and puts minimal strain on the compressors. The main features of the temperature range of-18C to 80C-So-Low Ultra Low Freezer include:
Interior dimensions: 42 "W x H x 49In BF 25IN
62 "W x 79in x 35.5in F-B: Dimensions
to support air-cooled condenser with three fans efficient heat distribution
DuPont Suva refrigerants CFC-95
the control light to warn of clogged radiator
automatic time immediately re-start the help system with power outages
Special hinged to allow quick visual inspection of the door air-cooled condenser
large condenser fins cooled air from front to back cooling air compressors

Thus, under Low Pressure Compressor are required to make a dual control of digital temperature display which operates at the optimum temperature of the freezer.
Its audio and visual presentation can be powered by batteries.

Many of the most popular models

The product is in the horizontal and vertical models. The temperature range common to all models is available from-40C to-80C and-40C to 85C. Although its properties are similar, so Ultra-Low Freezers under vary considerably in the specifications of internal and external temperature and capabilities.