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Troubleshoot A Freezer Piston Compressor [2012-04-10]


As the engine that drives the cooling process, the Piston Compressor turns on and off as part of a freezer's proper functioning. During operation, the compressor switches on when it detects the temperature inside the appliance has risen enough that more cool air is needed and begins cycling refrigerant throughout the system. When the compressor won't stay on, the cooling process gets short-circuited, and it's time for some basic troubleshooting. There are a few steps you can take before calling in a repair technician.
1 Put a pocket thermometer inside the freezer compartment to see if it will cool. You should see a drop in temperature within 15 to 20 minutes. While waiting, feel the inside of the freezer with your hand to get an indication of any cooling.
2 Use a flashlight to locate the compressor at the back of the freezer. While it is running, feel the two lines coming from the compressor. The discharge line should be warm to touch, and the suction line should be cold.
3 Check the wall outlet for power using a multimeter if the Freezer Compressor fails to run. Once power is established, unplug the unit and locate the electrical connection to the compressor. Remove the cover, then remove the relay and overload. The relay has a coil with two push-on electrical connections. The overload is a circular disk with two electrical connections.
4 Set the multimeter to ohms on the scale RX1. Check the overload for continuity.
If reading is zero ohms, overload is good. If the reading is infinity, the overload is bad and must be replaced.
5 Check the resistance between each of the three terminals protruding from the compressor. You should get 3 different readings, depending on the compressor manufacturer and horsepower : approximately 5, 10 and 15 ohms. If any of the readings are zero or infinity, the compressor is bad and must be replaced.
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