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Using a piston compressor [2011-04-19]

Piston rings to keep oil in the combustion chamber of an internal combustion engine. Piston rings wear over time and begins to burn fuel oil. Blue smoke emitted from the exhaust of your vehicle, the combustion of oil and piston ring wear. The new piston rings fit perfectly a cylinder walls. Install tight rings requires a compressor piston rings, the rings of the catch in the upper lip of the cylinder wall and keep breaking during installation.
Piston Compressor
Coat of arms and piston rings installed inside a Piston Compressor with 10W30 motor oil.

Drag the distance on the tool side of the screw compressor piston ring.

Turn stagger the seams of the Rings ring. Slide the ring on the top of the Piston Compressor. Drag the bar on the side of the compressor.

Select the game from an electrical outlet, the size of the screw on the side of the ring games reciprocating compressor. Connect the base to a 3/8-inch ratchet handle.

Turn the screw until the compressor is firmly against the sides of the piston.

Slide the piston rod in the cylinder combustion until the compressor is sitting on top of the engine block.