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Which Air Compressor is right for you? [2012-09-03]

An air compressor is one of the useful tools that you may need to complete your household work. When shopping for the right air compressor for your home, the brand name is one of the important things to consider. Air compressors are designed to serve different purposes in varied settings. There are products you can use to handle basic household requirements and those which are more powerful. To choose the right products, first you have to know which type of items that you want to use with the compressor. This is because some items require low pressure while others may need moderate or even high air pressure. Identifying the specific items that you want to inflate will affect the type of compressor you wish to purchase.

120 Volt Refrigeration Compressor

This compressor is suitable for inflating items that need low pressures like beach balls and inflatable air beds. Using this product will benefit you in many ways. The 120 Volt Electric Quick Pump has a compact design and a long cord for ease of use. This makes it an ideal choice if you have limited storage space. In addition, its air capacity is quite large. It may only take a few seconds to inflate your air bed mattress. However, the high speed doesn't affect its noise level. It is quieter than most other compressors, about like the noise from a hair dryer.

12 Volt Quick Water Resistant Pump

If you enjoy water sports and outdoor activities, then the water resistant compressor may be a good choice. The 12 Volt Quick Water Resistant Air Pump is ideal for this purpose. This item offers users alternatives for power connections, namely a cigarette lighter adapter and battery clips. The speed is unbeatable and its compact design allows you to store it easily.

12V DC Compressor

If you need a DC compressor that works well for a variety of purposes, then the 12V DC Compressor is just what you need. From its name, you can conclude that the jobs that this item can handle are quite varied. It is able to inflate items ranging from those that require low pressure to those that need high pressure. This product features Presta Valve, an adaptor that helps you pump up tires of upscale bicycles. In addition, there are some added features you can obtain such as a built in flashlight and a hazard light. These features make the product more flexible to use yet they don't sacrifice the product's portability.