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Ice-maker Compressor, R134a

  • Product Name:  Ice-maker Compressor, R134a
  • Model NO.:  QD25H11
  • Brand Name:  LIYOUNG
  • Product Details:  Ice-maker Compressor, R134a

QD25H11, according to our design, it is suitable for water dispensers, ice-makers, small refrigerators. It could be changed according to customer’s requirements. Our engineers would provide their best suggestions for all of customers.
The information about QD25H11 in more details is located in the table bellows. If you have any further question about it, please feel free to contact us directly via email or phone.


Characteristic Value
Approve ETL UL
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Motor Type RSIR RSIR
Cooling Static Cooling Static Cooling
Throttle Capillary Capillary
Application LBP LBP
Displacement 2.5 cm3 2.5 cm3
Capacity 67W 67W
Input Power 67W 67W
Current 1.1A 1.1A
COP(W/W) 1.0 1.0
Working Voltage Range 103V~132V 103V~127V
Oil Style Polyolester oil Polyolester oil
Oil Value 150±10 ml 150±10 ml
Weight(with oil) 4.7kg 4.7kg
Quantity per pack format 120PCS 120PCS
Diameter of suction tube(inner diameter) φ6.2mm φ6.2mm
Diameter of discharge tube(inner diameter) φ5.1mm φ5.1mm
Diameter of access tube(inner diameter) φ6.2mm φ6.2mm
Material of suction.access.discharge tubes Cu-plated steel Cu-plated steel
Noise 37dB(A) (GB/T9098-2008) 37dB(A) (GB/T9098-2008)
vibration 0.5m/s2 0.5m/s2
Shielding gas Dry air 1.3~1.7bar(dew point -60℃)) Dry air 1.3~1.7bar(dew point -60℃))
Overload Protector DRB23P61A1 DRB23P61A1
PTC Starter QP2-4R7 QP2-4R7


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